Home Decorating Ideas with Rustic Themes

When choosing a theme or style to decorate your home, there are many to choose from. One of the most popular decoration themes today is rustic home decor. Maybe it’s the most popular because it provides an inviting atmosphere and an overall friendly feeling.

Rustic home decor, because of its warm environment, is enjoyed by the people who live there as well as everyone who visits.

As with any home decoration project, homeowners must first decide where they want to use rustic home decor.

Some people choose to use this theme throughout their homes while others decide to use rustic home décor that focuses on only one or two rooms, for example the kitchen and living room


Dekorasi Rumah Dengan Tema Pedesaan

Because this style is intended for people who enjoy simplicity and nature, some homeowners may decide to bring the theme of rustic decor through the entire living space.

Country house decor combines clean and bright colors with rustic furniture and accessories. When choosing colors for rustic home decor, shades of white to white, yellow, pink, green or brown are good choices. Color must reflect the feeling of the countryside.

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To add to the painted wall, the homeowner or decorator may decide to use a stencil with a rural character such as flowers or plants, fruits or vegetables.

In keeping with the rustic and simple theme, rustic home décor uses natural wood. When deciding on materials for rustic flooring, natural wood is a good choice.

Dekorasi Rumah Dengan Tema Pedesaan

Of course using natural wood throughout a large area can be expensive. If looking for a cheaper way to give a rustic floor look, bright colors of the carpet might be considered or laminate flooring. This option will also work well with rustic home decor themes.

Another suggestion for rustic floors is tombstones or tiles. Some homeowners, if they are truly creative, decorate their floors with stencils and make patterns. Another great way to enliven a space is to use a carpet.

In keeping with the rustic home decoration theme, those that look authentic create a warm and comfortable feeling. Hooked, quilted and braided carpets make a wonderful addition to a rustic floor.

When choosing furniture to complement a rustic home decor, light wood or wicker is recommended. Once again, these materials reflect natural beauty.

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If the homeowner or decorator decides the fabric will add accents to their furniture, such as pillows or blankets, floral patterns or checkered fabrics add to the authentic look

Accessing space always adds to its beauty

When buying accessories that fit the theme of rustic home decor, it’s good to remember the type of atmosphere you are trying to create, a warm and inviting space.

It is recommended to never use too much decoration and choose accessories that your family and friends will enjoy. Photos in simple wooden frames, plain mirrors, scented plants and candles dress up rustic home decor.

Window treatments must also be simple, lace or shutters provide a comfortable rustic feel. Rustic home decor can be interesting and fun.

Perhaps the main detail to remember is simplicity. Try not to decorate too much, remember too many patterns will clash. Too much decoration will eliminate the amount of space in a room.

Rustic home décor creates a relaxed and friendly environment, which is intended to be warm and comfortable.

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