Factors That Cause Breast Cancer You Need to Know

Currently, breast cancer is ranked first as the most deadly cancer for women in the World.  Malignant tumors nesting in the breast can indeed be fatal if handled late.

Factors That Cause Breast Cancer You Need to Know

To prevent the increasing number of female deaths due to breast cancer, Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (YKI) has long been promoting the BSE movement.  This movement invites women to realize and check the condition of each breast.

If there is an unnatural lump or changes in shape and color of the breast, you should immediately do the examination to the doctor.  The sooner the better. Because basically, cancer is a disease that can be resisted and cured if detected early on.  It will be much more effective if detected before entering stage two.

Many women have to die from late and are not sensitive to this disease.  Little Yak also people who feel angry and confused, because they feel have lived a healthy lifestyle.

 If you already have breast cancer, the question “why me?”  so the most often rise to the surface.  Usually, it takes a long enough process for the patient to be able to accept the situation.

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 So, what causes the emergence of breast cancer?  Until now, this question is still not 100 percent found the answer.

“Cancer is a factor that can be avoided, some are not,” said Prof. D. Dr. Aru Sudoyo, SpPD, KHOM, Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI). “What can not be prevented is the presence of certain genes (in the body of a person) that causes the body more vulnerable to cancer cells,” he explained again.

Aalso mentioned that many natural factors are indeed beyond the control of humans.  “For example Someone who started menstruating (at age) less than 12 years .. Possibility of breast cancer is higher,” he explained to give an example.

 In addition, breast size also affects the magnitude of breast cancer risk in women.  The more solid and large the size, then the risk is also higher. Things like this is what many people need to know to not easily feel angry and disappointed with the situation.

Ocontributing factors contributing to age are marriage, childbirth, and breastfeeding for women.  Women who do not breastfeed have a higher risk of breast cancer than those who do not. 

READ  Factors That Cause Breast Cancer You Need to Know

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